New Nestlé campaign for Mother’s Day

To Press Releases listAug 22, 2016

“Why express love for mom for just one day?”
Nestlé launches a campaign for Thai consumers to make every day
Mother’s Day with “Express your love for your super mom
every day…starting this Mother’s Day”


Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. has launched a digital campaign called Express your love for your super mom every day with Nestlé,” inspiring Thai people to express their love for mom, who is everyone’s first hero, not only on Mother’s Day, but every day. Nestlé has created a Facebook activity to encourage Thais to express their love for mom in their own way. You can do this by calling mom, sending her messages, responding to her Line messages, hugging her, giving her a massage, and cooking for her so that she feels love from her child each and every day, starting this Mother’s Day.

Ms. Somrudee Boonhaijaroen, Communication & Marketing Services Director, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.,said, “Your mom is a ‘super mom.’ She’s your first hero, the first person to help when you are in trouble, and the first person to call when you feel down. She’s the first to cheer you up during hard times and the first to lend a hand in urgent situations. You can count on your mom throughout your life. However, too many people only express their love for mom on Mother’s Day. Nestlé, as a trusted partner who is always by mom’s side every day, understands mom’s real, multi-dimensional roles within her family. We realize that mom is a powerful woman who helps all family members to stay healthy and happy and to succeed in life. This is why Nestlé has launched this campaign to encourage all Thais to support their moms in an easy way starting from today, by sharing their love and appreciation for mom. Don’t just tell mom you love her once a year. We should express our love and do our best for mom every day, starting this Mother’s Day.”

As part of the campaign, Nestlé has released a web film called “Don’t express love to your mom for just one day,” which presents the impressive story of a woman who knows that her mom is a person she can always count on. Her super mom continually reassures and supports her, takes care of her, and encourages her in good times and bad. The web film is at or on YouTube at

Nestlé also invites every child to join the activity Express your love for your super mom every day” by sharing your love for mom in your own way. Just post a photo of you and your super mom, with the description: “Starting today, I will ______ for my super mom every day #ExpressLoveToMomWithNestle.” Nestlé will award the 400 most impressive photos, selected by judges, with a special gift set of Nestlé products for mom valued at 800 baht. Enjoy this activity from now until Mother’s Day on August 12. For more information, visit