NESCAFÉ begins an exciting chapter of brand innovation after 75 years

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NESCAFÉ Pop-Up Café่ 

  • Thailand's favourite coffee brand, NESCAFÉ, invests over Bht 400 million to launch 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' campaign aimed at engaging consumers from all walks of life and across all consumption occasions
  • 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' concept to encourage young generation to grab opportunities with action
  • Opens NESCAFÉ Pop-Up Cafés with creative coffee menu in community malls, office buildings and malls
  • Introduces online movie where viewers can choose their own ending out of 14 alternatives
  • Sparks social media excitement by releasing "online quotes" as the inspiration to start something new on for viewers to click 'like' and share them
  • Launches in Thailand new worldwide NESCAFÉ logo

NESCAFÉ, Thailand's and the world's leading coffee brand today announced the start of a global initiative to transform and reinvigorate the iconic brand, by further strengthening its modern appeal, and dynamically enhance consumer experience at every occasion throughout the day, both in-home and out-of-home.

Nestlé, a pioneer in modern instant coffee technology, first launched NESCAFÉ in Switzerland more than 75 years ago, and was introduced in Thailand 30 years ago. Today, NESCAFÉ is the world's leading coffee brand, with over 5,500 cups enjoyed by discerning consumers every second around the world.

Mr. Christophe Stern
Mr. Christophe Stern,
Business Executive Manager, Coffee and Creamer, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.

As part of a mega global initiative, NESCAFÉ in Thailand is launching the 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' campaign where it will focus on encouraging the young generation to actively pursue their dreams through its new 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' message.

With a campaign budget in excess of Bht 400 million, NESCAFÉ aims to engage the youth through its superior coffee, product range innovation as well as its marketing communications.

Mr. Christophe Stern, Business Executive Manager, Coffee and Creamer, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd, said, "NESCAFÉ is launching the 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' campaign to inspire people to step forward and pursue their dreams and passions. Every day we begin with a cup of coffee, and that moment, every day, everywhere, could also be the start of someone's life possibilities. Our campaign aims to connect us more closely with the young generation coffee drinkers and to be a force for good in their lives."


"The strength of NESCAFÉ lies in our fine selection of quality coffee and the close attention we pay to every step of the manufacturing process, which results in a well-rounded flavor and great aroma. We conduct extensive product research and development as well as evaluation of consumer preferences to develop tasty and nutritionally balanced products. 

We are also constantly innovating to ensure that NESCAFÉ is always relevant to the lifestyles of discerning coffee drinkers. 'Life Possibilities' is enabled with our new, global 'It all starts with a NESCAFÉ' campaign and is about ensuring that NESCAFÉ is even more relevant to the current generation," said Mr. Stern.

Ms. Pattanai Luangtrakul, Marketing Manager, Coffee Mixes of Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said there was an extensive line-up of activities behind the 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' campaign.

"Our consumer research shows that coffee drinkers today look for things that inspire them to search for new opportunities and to help them make the right decision. Their morning coffee is an important part of starting the day with hope and new resolutions," she said.

Inspirational quote  

Ms. Pattanai said that as part of the campaign that focuses on youth and innovation, NESCAFÉ is opening 100 'NESCAFÉ Pop-Up Cafés' in community malls, office buildings and malls, nationwide, to serve delicious and creative hot and cold coffee menus.

She said consumers can try new tastes and enjoy new experiences with NESCAFÉ at the NESCAFÉ Pop-Up Cafés between from June 3 until August 12, 2014. In addition to serving coffee and conducting coffee tastings, the cafés will offer coffee-making demonstrations by expert NESCAFÉ baristas who will present nine exciting hot and iced coffee creations, including Cappuccino So Cool, Mocha Marshmallow, Mocha Black Forest, Sesame Vanilla Coffee and Orange Jam Coffee.

Ms. Pattanai said, "NESCAFÉ Pop-Up Cafés also have an interactive wall that features dream destinations around the world which consumers can enter and have pictures taken for sharing on social media together with inspirational quotes in line with the 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' concept."

Inspirational quote  

As part of the communications for the 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' campaign, three versions of 45-second commercials with different stories have been developed as well as an online movie with 14 alternative endings to allow viewers to choose their preferred ending.

"Online, we also offer on our fanpage at or quotes in line with our 'Life Possibilities. Start Now' concept which coffee drinkers can 'like' and 'share' – quotes such as 'Life expires if you don't take a chance', and 'Life is not a photo. Why put it in frame?" she said.

On this occasion, NESCAFÉ is also introducing its new logo in all 180 countries where it has a presence, including Thailand, as well as its re-designed packaging which aims to reflect NESCAFÉ's commitment to innovation.

"The new NESCAFÉ logo's softer, more rounded and more dynamic typeface aims to strengthen the NESCAFÉ brand's connection with style and youthfulness while keeping all the essentials of the brand that stand for great quality, great taste and a great aroma," Ms. Pattanai said, adding that the accent on the final 'e' of NESCAFÉ has been designed to represent the spark of inspiration.

NESCAFÉ is the world's number one coffee brand and encourages consumers to always start new possibilities in life with confidence.

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"Life Possibilities. Start Now."