Invites Nadia and Ploy Chidchan to share tips in building strong health for children

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Bangkok - 24 November 2015:  “NAN,” a premium nutrition product for infants from Nestlé, the world’s leader in Nutrition, Health, and Wellness, held a forum called “Shaping The Future: A Good Future Starts With Today’s Care” to launch “NAN OPTIPRO HA KID 3,” its latest innovation that contains exclusive “OPTIPRO HA” high-quality protein. Two celebrity moms, Nadia Sonakol with her son Nong Nop, and Chidchan “Ploy” Rugipan, a mother of four who brought her daughter Nong Chili, shared their child-raising experiences and tips for building strong health and improving learning capability for children.

A nutrition expert who also attended the event explained that choosing quality nutrition for children is the key to their development. The forum and launch took place at The Offices@CentralWorld.

Today, NAN is introducing NAN OPTIPRO HA KID 3, a product designed for children ages one year and above. This new innovation has been researched and developed by the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, the world’s biggest research and development center for food and nutrition. Mr. Wolfgang Friess, Country Business Manager - Nestlé Infant Nutrition at Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “Nestlé is well aware of the importance of childhood nutrition and the long-term effect it has on a child's future development.

Therefore, we are committed to developing dairy products that cater to the needs of children in order to build a solid foundation that will lead to their intellectual development and help them grow up to be well-functioning adults.”

Findings from research carried out by the Nestlé Nutrition Institute together with the Department of Pediatrics at Ludwig Maximillians University of Munich, Germany, showed that young children who receive too much protein intake have a higher chance of developing illnesses
in the future. This is due to the shift in a child’s metabolism that causes increased fat storage, which leads to childhood obesity, heart problems, and complications with their blood vessels.

As a result, the Nestlé Nutrition Institute was eager to develop NAN OPTIPRO HA KID 3, a high milk protein for children ages one and higher. The product contains OPTIPRO HA, a high-quality, partially hydrolyzed whey protein that makes it digestible and helps it fit to each child’s consumption. 

NAN OPTIPRO HA KID 3 also contains a nutritional foundation that a body needs in order to function, such as Vitamins A, B2, B12, C, D, E, and K, plus Folic Acid, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron, which help in building stronger bones and teeth. It will serve  as the modern mother's helper in building a strong health foundation for her child, for a better life and enhanced learning.

Associate Professor Sungkom Jongpiputvanich from the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, and Chairman of the Society of Pediatric Nutrition of Thailand, said “It’s important to select the appropriate source of nutrition for children. “Most mothers choose milk with a high amount of protein for their children as they believe it will help their kids become stronger.

This is not the right way, as the quality of the protein is equally important. Kids should have the optimized quantity of high-quality protein in an amount similar to breast milk. This type of formula helps promote healthy metabolic programming, strengthens immunity, and reduces the risk of allergies, so children grow and develop in line with their age.”

Professor Jarungchit  Ngamphaiboon, President of the allergy, asthma and immunology
association of Thailand,
said “Partially hydrolyzed 100% whey formulas can reduce the
risk of allergies. Consuming quality protein is like providing a protection shield for kids, helping to protect them from diseases. When children are physically strong, they are ready to efficiently learn about the world around them.”

Gorgeous and always-fit young celebrity mom Nadia Sonakol, who came with her son Nong Nop, shared tips about bringing up a child. “As we always looked forward to having a child, Nong Nop became our everything. Initially I stopped working and focused on being a good mother. I was tired but happy. I researched a lot, read a lot, and consulted with the doctor about nutrition requirements at each age interval that would benefit physical growth and learning development.

This was very helpful and made it easy to bring up Nong Nop. He doesn’t get sick easily and is really interested in learning things. Now he is almost four years old, and I’m proud to see Nong Nop growing and developing step-by-step every day. Today, I’m glad to learn that there is a nutrition solution that matches kid’s needs and that he can get the appropriate amount of protein.

“Ploy” Chidchan, a rising business woman and mother of four, shared her experience about raising a gang of four kids. “Before Nong Chilin, I already had experience raising three kids, so I understand how to take care of him and know about child development. However, since today’s lifestyle changes quickly, I need to keep searching for the best things for them so they grow well and can adapt to society.

While I pay attention to everything, the most important thing is food. Nutrition must match a child’s age for good physical growth and proper development. Protein is especially important for the growth and function of the body’s systems. All of my kids were breast fed until the age when they can have other food along with milk. I have been looking for quality protein, at an appropriate amount, for my kids, to ensure they aren’t fed too much protein or become prone to obesity.”

A foundation for good development starts with good health. The new generation of moms should never stop giving the best to their kids, because “A Good Future… Starts from Today’s Care.”