“Minéré Blink Girl Wow Boy II” Winners

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Bangkok - 29 September 2015: After a nationwide search for male and female contestants with healthy, radiant skin, the winners of the “Minéré Blink Girl Wow Boy II” contest have been announced. A judging panel consisting of five top television producers chose Mr. Nawasch Phupantachsee as the male winner and Patchaploy Rueandaluang as the female winner. They both will now embark on the path to be a star, with each receiving 100,000 baht in cash.

The judging panel consisted of Khun Piyawadee “Tu” Maleenont; Khun Arunocha “Nong” Bhanubandh; Khun Yutthana Lorpunpaiboon; Khun Marut “Tor” Sarowat; and Dr. Ong-Art Singlumpong. Kimberly Anne Tiamsiri, the presenter for Minéré mineral water also joined the event, while singer Tono Pakin performed a mini-concert for the audience.

The atmosphere at the “Minéré Blink Girl Wow Boy II” contest was filled with energy, starting when the 19 contestants walked on stage to showcase their natural, radiant skin for the five judges. The highlight of the event was each contestant demonstrating his or her acting skills. The contest winners, Nawasch Phupantachsee and Patchaploy Rueandaluang, were then announced with great fanfare.

First runner-up went to Pakorn Wanaprasertsak and Kuntila Chartsomboonchai, who each received a prize of 50,000 baht in cash, while the second runner-up, Chaiwat Puttanan and Prisaya Koohamuk each received a prize of 20,000 baht in cash. The winners and runners-up will all take part in a fashion photo shoot for Sudsapda magazine.

Mr. Luca Chioda, Country Business Manager – Waters, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “The “Minéré Blink Girl Wow Boy II” contest searches for boys and girls who have naturally healthy skin that brings out a bright, radiant look from the inside. Everybody pays attention to a natural and healthy look with minimal make up. This year, the contest was very successful, with a large number of male and female applicants, all who had a natural look and were radiant from inside out. It was difficult for the judges to eliminate contestants as they all had outstanding qualities.

I believe that possessing natural, healthy skin is important for entering the entertainment industry, as well as shining through with confidence in their everyday lives. We also believe that this contest will establish some new trends and encourage young people to pay attention to their health by drinking Minéré mineral water, filled with 100% natural minerals that greatly benefit your skin and are good for your body.”

Kimberly Anne Tiamsiri, presenter for Minéré mineral water, also shared her experiences as an actress. “Actresses really take care of ourselves from top to bottom. Maintaining healthy skin is a priority, as it helps us to stand out. Having good skin will boost our confidence on camera and makes the makeup team’s lives easier, because they won't have to spend time putting lots of foundation on our faces. My secret to naturally-healthy skin is drinking lots of Minéré water – that’s it!”

Prior to the final round of the contest, Minéré mineral water hosted a workshop for the 19 contestants to ensure they were ready to be stars. It started with personality development with Khun Apiwat “Nhum” Yodprapan; getting naturally healthy skin by exercising with Khun Ariya “Pop” Sirisopha, yoga guru; and establishing acting skills with Khun Marut “Tor” Sarowat, Thailand's top television producer and one of the five judges for the Minéré Blink Girl Wow Boy II contest.

Khun Apiwat “Num” Yodprapan, who provided self-development tips, said, “Your mannerisms and the way you carry yourself are important as they may create the first impressions. A person needs three key traits in order to have a good presence. The first is your clothes – you must dress to fit the occasion and dress to fit your figure.

Second is your posture. A man should stand with his legs at shoulder width, while a woman should either put her feet together or perch one leg forward to create a nice S-curve. The third trait is the way you walk. A person should walk with grace, face forward, and take each step with confidence.”

Khun Marut “Tor” Sarowat said, “Today’s contest had a lot of pressure because all 19 applicants have such wonderfully healthy skin. As a television producer, I know this is important because actors need the right look and healthy skin, along with talent, to become a star. Taking care of your health and drinking mineral water regularly will help your skin stay healthy. On the acting front, everyone did really well and I have to say that they all possess a lot of talent.”

Khun Ariya 'Pop' Sirisopha revealed, “The secret to maintaining my skin and figure involves 90 minutes of yoga to help maintain a good figure, and detoxing, which cleanses all the toxins out of your body. Water is something I cannot live without. I definitely recommend drinking mineral water with natural nutrients to make sure you have healthy skin.”

After hearing all these great tips, men and women who missed out on this year’s contest should start drinking Minéré mineral water and exercising regularly so they will be ready for next year’s “Minéré Blink Girl Wow Boy” contest.

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