‘MILO brings out the champion in you’ in the finals of MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014

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MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014 

  • MILO encourages young children to show their sports potential and sportsmanship at the MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014
  • ‘Poh’ Nattawut Skidjai exhibits futsal talent in a face-off with Junior Power Team led by Jaokhun, son of J Jetrin. Also joined to cheer by the pitch isMILO brand ambassador Pin Kejmanee
  • This year’s Junior Team winners to participate at the ‘Top MILO Team’ camp and train with national footballer ‘Zico Kiatisuk Senamuang’

Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.’s MILO Chocolate Malt Beverage today kicked off the finals of the MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014 in partnership with the Department of Physical Education and the Office of the Basic Education Commission under the Ministry of Education. The competition aims to encourage kids aged 7-12 years to play sport, and lead their healthy and active lifestyle, while encouraging them to drink nutritious beverages that contain milk as an ingredient to prepare them for all activities. The tournament final was attended by junior athletes and their families who cheered on at the packed Fashion Island Shopping Center.

MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014  

Mr. Chaiyong Sakulborrirug, Business Executive Manager – Dairy & Adult Nutrition, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “MILO has a commitment to make lives better under the ‘Nestlé Good Food, Good Life’ philosophy. We recognize the importance of ensuring that children grow according to their age and that they are strong and healthy. We also encourage the young to learn and play sports, to engage in outdoor activities, and not spend too much time sitting in front of the computer.

For this reason, we’ve made the MILO Junior Champions an annual event aimed at encouraging kids to choose nutritious beverages that contain milk. This tournament is the first and only one in Thailand to provide a stage for junior players to compete in a real pitch at a very young age. This is because we consider sports to be a “miraculous medicine” that teaches teamwork, patience, perseverance, and sportsmanship as well as provides inspiration for success in life.

Mr. Chaiyong added that, “All children have the heart of a champion in them. But they need the support of family to bring out their potential. Parents are important starting points and MILO with the goodness of milk would like to be a part of refilling children with the energy needed to play sports that bring out the power of a champion inside them. This is how children can develop multiple life skills so that they will grow up to be successful adults.”

MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014  

“Two factors helping children achieve healthy physical and mental development are exercise and a healthy diet. Taking part in sports ensures that children expend their energy while having fun and learning to live by the rules. It also helps in their emotional development and physical strength. Another important factor is having breakfast with the right nutrition because it provide children with the energy, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and calcium, needed for their age.

Drinking MILO together with a healthy breakfast is a healthy choice that ensures children will be ready for any activity of the day since MILO is a nutritious and easy-to-prepare beverage that contains milk as an ingredient, with a delicious chocolate flavor,” said Mr. Chaiyong.

Benefits of MILO
MILO is a delicious malt chocolate beverage with the goodness of milk. It does not contain any creamer. It has Protomalt - Nestlé’s proprietary malt extract that is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and calcium, required to keep children nourished and ready to learn and carry out daily activities.

MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014  

Commenting on the competition, ‘Zico’ Kiattisak Senamuang, Thailand’s iconic national football player, said, “I’d like to thank MILO for encouraging youths to play sports and for holding the MILO futsal tournament as an annual sports event. I believe that the competitive experience children gain at a young age will inspire them to work hard. They also learn to accept winning and losing and live with it.

Winners will need to train harder while the losers should not be discouraged: keep trying because the results are not as important as the competitive experience and the best efforts you made to play.” The winning team, aged 11-12 years, will participate in the Top MILO Team camp to train and hone their futsal skills with Zico in October 2014.

MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014  

The kick-off of finals was attended by top executives of Nestlé including: Mr. Wayne England, Chairman & CEO Nestlé Indochina Region; Mr. Mark Butot, Sales Director; Mr. Chaiyong Sakulborrirug, Business Executive Manager - Dairy and Adult Nutrition; Mr. Eugene Chan, Communication and Marketing Services Director; Mr. David Carter, Country Business Manager - CPW Indochina; together with Dr. Patanachart Kridiborworn, Director General of the Physical Education Department; and Mr. Suchart Chaiyasarn, Deputy Director of Student Activities Development Bureau,

OBEC. Stars and celebrities also joined the special futsal match between the Great Power Team led by ‘Poh’ Nattawut together with Toey Pongsakorn and the Young Power Team led by Jaokhun whose mother and MILO brand ambassador Pin Kejmanee was also present to cheer him on.

MILO Junior Futsal Champions 2014  

Pin Kejmanee, MILO brand ambassador, said with a smile: “Today, I am so proud of my son Jaokhun, seeing him play and looking happy. An active boy, Jaokhun loves to play sports with his dad. Today, he got to play in a real pitch, and when I saw his talent and determination, it impressed me even more.

As a mother, I always encourage him to play sports because he can learn many life skills from sports that will be useful for the rest of his life. I also choose nutrient-rich foods and beverages that are good for a growing kid.

I chose MILO for him because it is delicious and contains the goodness of milk. I can be sure that my kids will get the protein required for healthy growth and the calcium to strengthen their bones and teeth. MILO also has protomalt and vitamins that young bodies need. My children love it and they drink it every morning and after school. Seeing them strong and healthy, I can rest assured that they will be ready for any activity of the day.”

The MILO Junior Futsal Champions is part of the MILO Futsal Champions 2014. The championship is comprised of 2 tournament programs; MILO Junior Futsal Champions for kids aged 7-12 years old and MILO Cereal Futsal Champions for kids aged 13-15 years, designed to recruit budding futsal stars.