MILO Futsal Champions 2013 set to provide talent for national youth team; 256 teams nationwide

To Press Releases listBangkok ,May 23, 2013

First time in Thailand for national junior futsal competition

  • First time in Thailand for national junior futsal competition
  • Louis Scott to face off against Great Warintorn in special penalty shootout; Jao Nai, Jao Khoon, Jao Samud to show futsal talent
  • Youngsters aged 7-15 years to play in qualifying rounds on 14 July at Happy Sport Club (Ratchada 18)

Nestlé (Thailand) Ltd.'s MILO and MILO Breakfast Cereals recently kicked off the MILO Futsal Champions 2013 tournament in partnership with the Department of Physical Education, the Office of the Basic Education Commission, and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.  The tournament will serve as a platform for local youngsters to stay fit and healthy and encourage them to spend their free time wisely.  By playing futsal, they are learning to be patient and to work hard for success.  

It is the first time in Thailand a tournament is held for primary school children with the purpose of harnessing a talent pool for the national youth team.  Youngsters aged 7-15 years are invited to enter teams for the competition at call center 090 837 4974 or 087 074 8294 or and

To enliven the kick-off ceremony, stars and celebrities, big and small, came together to face off in a penalty shootout between a team headed by Louis Scott and another led by Great Warintorn.  Joining them in the shootout were Hun Isariya and Kacha AF while Jao Nai, Jao Khoon, and Jao Samud, the three sons of pop star Jay Jetrin, entertained the audience with their futsal talent.

According to Mr. Nophadol Siwabutr, Corporate Affairs Director, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., "The MILO futsal tournament is an annual event, now in its fourth year running.  We want young people to stay fit and healthy.  We provide the tournament as a platform for them to test and sharpen their skills. 

We want them to be enthusiastic about playing sport.  We want to motivate them to work hard for sport excellence.  Because of last year's success, we have decided to make the initiative twice as big this year to include promising younger children.  They should be given an early head start in order to be good at the sport.

"The MILO Futsal Champions 2013 comprises two competitions: MILO Cereal Champions for youngsters aged 13-15 years old and MILO Junior Champions for three younger age groups from 7-12 years old.  This will be the first time in Thailand that a junior futsal competition is being held nationwide for primary school players who will be scouted for the national youth team,"

Youngsters  aged 7-15 to play in qualifying rounds 14 July at Happy Sport ClubMrs. Siriporn Ruangthammakit, Country Business Manager, Breakfast Cereals, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, "Playing sport not only keeps kids strong and healthy, but it also helps to improve memory power and make them grow in accordance with their age since it allows the body to absorb calcium well.  We should encourage kids to exercise and have fun doing it and to consume energy-giving foods and drinks.  MILO products, which contain powder milk and calcium, and MILO Cereals made from Whole Grain recognize the importance for kids and youth to maintain good health and spend their free time productively. 

We know how important it is for them to learn patience and hard work for success and to exercise sportsmanship.  With the MILO Futsal Champions tournament, we look forward to seeing 256 teams from nationwide compete and improve the skills needed to be professional futsal players.  We also intend to make it the youth futsal tournament of the year - a must for every kid who loves futsal and football."

On the kick-off day, Kiatisuk 'Zico' Senamuang, an ex-player of the national football team, was on hand to share important tips on how to prepare for the competition.  They are: First train regularly; Second, eat all 5 groups of foods, including those giving energy and, importantly, enjoy a healthy breakfast and Third, rest well before a match.  He also called on children to play sport regularly and to stay motivated for professional success as pro sports is gaining higher recognition in Thailand and shows promise like in the rest of the world. 

The MILO Futsal Champions 2013 will be played for trophies from the Department of Physical Education, grants worth Bht 250,000.  The tournament is divided into 2 competitions.

  1. MILO Cereal Champions:  Teens, aged 13-15 years, from nationwide, are invited to enter teams now until 30 June.  The qualifying rounds will be held on 14 July at Happy Sport Club on Soi Ratchada 18.  The semi-final and final rounds will be played for six consecutive days from 30 July-4 August, at the special indoor futsal field at Fashion Island shopping center
  2. MILO Junior Champions:  Teams from nationwide will compete in 3 age groups: 7-8 years, 9-10 years and 11-12 years.  Entries are invited now until 15 August for the qualifying round to be played on 8 September at Happy Sport Club on Soi Ratchada 18.  The semi-final and final rounds will be played from 4-6 October at the special indoor futsal field at Fashion Island shopping center

The special highlight to warm up the final of MILO Cereal Champions on 4 August will be a special futsal match between two all-star teams: one led by Louis Scott and the other headed by Great Warintorn with Hun Isariya, Kacha AF, Tao AF, Keng the Voice and members of the 2012 champion joining them.  On the final day of MILO Junior Champions on 6 October, the audience will be entertained by a match between a team led by Jao Nai, Jao Khoon and Jao Samud – the three sons of Jay Jetrin, and the All Star MILO team.       

The tournament is supported by the Department of Physical Education, Office of the Basic Education Commission, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, FBT, Fashion Island shopping center, and Happy Sport Club.