MILO launches 3-in-1 beverage highlighting the goodness of milk

To Press Releases listBangkok,Feb 4, 2014

MILO launches 3-in-1 beverage highlighting  the goodness of milk  

Bangkok - Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.’s MILO chocolate-malt beverage recently hosted MILO Champions Day while rolling out MILO 3-in-1 new packaging highlighting the goodness of milk. At the event, sports family mom Pin Kejmanee shared her tips on raising three healthy boys by raising them with nutritional food and beverage that contain milk as a key ingredient and encouraging them to play sports regularly.

Accompanying her at the event was Nong Jaokhun who participated in a range of sports activities, including football, basketball, biking and volleyball in an effort to search for young sports talent. As many as 150,000 children and parents also joined in MILO Champions Day at Sanam Sua Pa.

Mr. Wayne England, Chairman and CEO Nestlé Indochina Region, said, “MILO Champions Day is held by MILO 3-in-1 with the goodness of milk allowing children to play and enjoy various activities that make them realize the importance of sports and outdoor activities. This is because sports make children learn and get inspired. They will realize their sports talent which should make them followed their dream for future success.”

Sports family mom Pin Kejmanee, new MILO 3-in-1 brand ambassador, said with a smile that the secret of looking after her three boys is the intimate care she gives to them. Choosing the right food and beverage for her kids which contains goodness of milk is her first priority.

Jaokhun, my middle child, is so active. He loves to play sports such as football and basketball. He needs a lot of energy each day. Boys at his age are in the process of growing. They need protein and calcium from milk. That’s why I have to carefully read the label on the packaging to be able to choose what is right for him.

I make sure that every morning he drinks MILO 3-in-1 which contains goodness of milk and this way you can be sure that he has the energy for every activity of the day,” she said happily.

‘Nong Jaokhun’ Jakrapat Wattanasin delightfully said, “Today at MILO Champions Day, I enjoyed many of my favorite sports such as football, basketball, biking and volleyball. I love playing sports because it’s fun and teaches me determination, patience and keeps me strong and healthy. I want to encourage everyone to play sports by starting with your favorite sport. And most importantly, don’t skip breakfast and drink nutritious beverage every day.

I’m lucky that my mom prepares me tasty breakfast and MILO with goodness of milk every morning so that I am ready to start the day happy and fully charged for any activity.”

Suthima Sutasap or Nong Ben, 11, from Kantabut School, said with a smile, “I enjoyed MILO event today so much. There are many activities for me to play at the MILO booth which I have learned a lot of things. I love to play sports regularly and my favorite activity booth today is the volleyball. I like MILO because it’s delicious and it also contains milk.”

Worawat Chookaew or Nong Palm, 9, from Phyathai School, said after having joined some of the activities at MILO Champions Day, “I enjoyed myself so much. I like the football activity the most. Normally, I enjoy playing football with my friends. Today, I learned a lot about football tricks, biking and running. Every morning my favorite beverage is MILO that keeping me strong and healthy. MILO is delicious and I love it.”

In addition to MILO Champions Day to roll out MILO 3-in-1, throughout 2014 MILO plans to hold sports clinics to teach football techniques and promote physical activity in some 1,330 schools around the country. These in-school activities will have national-team footballers to teach special tricks. It will be an opportunity also to scout for budding talents to play at national youth level.