Nestlé introduces to Thailand ‘Maggi Hoong Aroi – an innovative way of making tasty and nutritional dishes daily‘

To Press Releases listBangkok,Feb 12, 2013

Nestlé introduces to Thailand 'Maggi Hoong Aroi'

  • Maggi Hoong Aroi offers innovative way to prepare tasty food while cooking rice in only 45 minutes
  • Offers BBQ Red Pork and Teriyaki Chicken as introductory dishes
  • Kedmanee Wattanasin demonstrates cooking prowess as housewife

Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., the leading food and beverage company in Thailand and the world, today launched Maggi Hoong Aroi – an innovative way to cook that makes your dishes specially tasty, everyday. Maggi Hoong Aroi answers the needs of cooking housewives who wish to have tasty and nutritious home cooking made easy and practical.

The product package includes a special cooking bag as well as a sachet with ready-to-cook powder and all that the consumer needs to do is to add pork or chicken into the cooking bag, together with the seasoning powder, and cook it in a rice cooker at the same time as rice is being cooked.

Maggi Hoong Aroi comes with two recipes, BBQ Red Pork and Teriyaki Chicken, which are in a 34-gram and 33-gram package respectively, both priced at only Bht 25. Both recipes are now available at leading hypermarkets and supermarkets, nationwide.

The exciting venue for the launch of Maggi Hoong Aroi was designed as a private kitchen and had the sparkling presence of ‘Pin’ Kedmanee Wattanasin who demonstrated her culinary prowess. She showed how easy it is to cook with Maggi Hoong Aroi’s four easy steps to great tasting food.

Also present to attest to the magic cooking recipe was Sena Ling Somkiat Chanpram. The special star guests were welcomed by Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.’s Chaiyong Sakulborirak, Business Executive Manager – Beverages & Food, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. and Chawapoj Thienthong, Group Brand Manager – Culinary, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.

Maggi Hoong Aroi is a ready-to-cook powder in a sacket that comes with a special cooking bag. Two popular food recipes are available: BBQ Red pork and Teriyaki Chicken. The product represents another quality cooking innovation from Nestlé for Thai consumers. It has been a great success with strong consumer acceptance in 54 countries around the world.

Maggi Hoong AroiMr. Chaiyong Sakulborirak said, “A lot went into the research and development of this product to ensure that we could get the great taste and nutritional value while still making it very easy to prepare the food. Our innovation allows everyone to prepare great tasting food quickly and easily at the same time as their rice is being cooked. It is a new, simple and very convenient way of cooking. The food is tasty and nutritional. Maggi Hoong Aroi is ideal for housewives who want to make their family happy with great tasting food.”

Mr. Chawapoj Thienthong said, “We are very proud about introducing to Thailand for the first time Maggi Hoong Aroi. Nestlé is offering this latest innovation for housewives and consumers to enjoy a new way of cooking using the special cooking bag. It takes only four simple steps to cook a dish in just 45 minutes together with one’s rice in a rice cooker rated at 300 watts and over.”

He said that Maggi Hoong Aroi is both tasty and safe and that it fully complies with EU and German food and cooking safety standards.

The 4 easy steps to cook with Maggi Hoong Aroi are as follows:

  • CUT: Cut around 300 grams of meat into bite-sized pieces. Put them in the special cooking bag that comes with the Maggi Hoong Aroi sachet.
  • WRAP: Pour into the special cooking bag (which has the meat already in it) the seasoning powder for BBQ Red Pork or Teriyaki Chicken that comes with the Maggi Hoong Aroi sachet. Mix the meat and powder together well. Fasten the cooking bag well with the special band that comes with the cooking bag.
  • COOK: Put the cooking bag with the meat mixture in the rice cooker. Put it along with the rice and water then start cooking rice as you would usually do.
  • YUMMY: Leave the rice cooker to cook the rice along with the Maggi Hoong Aroi mixture for at least 45 minutes. The rice will cook at the same time as the BBQ Red Pork or Teriyaki Chicken and you’ll have a yummy meal to enjoy with hot rice.

Maggi Hoong Aroi offers a way to get food ready at the same time as one is cooking rice. Not only does it make everything quicker and easier but it is also makes the meat soft and juicy with sauce. The cooking approach is similar to streaming and preserves the tasty flavour of meat and its nutritional value through the special cooking bag.

“Over the years Nestlé has never stopped working hard to come up with quality product technology to improve the lives of consumers. Maggi Hoong Aroi has been created to provide consumers and housewives with special tasty dishes to go with rice. I am certain Thai families and housewives will love Maggi Hoong Aroi for the great taste it gives their food and for the ease with which they will be able to prepare such great tasting dishes,” said Mr. Chaiyong.