Ice Cream Innovation of Nestlé Ice Cream

To Press Releases listJun 7, 2012

Nestlé as a leading food and beverage company in Thailand and the world has been in the ice cream business since 1993. For 19 years, the company has consistently worked in research and development to bring ice cream innovations to consumers. Nestlé Ice Cream began in Thailand in 1993 with ice cream for kids, teenagers and adults in sticks, cups, cones and pubs. Nestlé Eskimo debuted the same year as Nestlé Ice Cream.

For the first seven years (1993-2000) Nestlé Eskimo made its debut with a focus on a variety of milk ice cream and water ice. Later, Nestlé Eskimo came up with creative ice cream offerings new innovation that changed the image of ice cream from time to time as the following:

In 1993 Nestlé Eskimo focused on a variety of milk ice cream.
In 2000 Nestlé Jelly Range was added to the line-up.
In 2002 Nestlé Eskimo Sunflower was launched. The ice cream appeals to consumers with its flower-like shape and two flavours in a single stick.
In 2005 Nestlé Eskimo Double Range was launched. It has a delicious crispy shell and a sweet aromatic core.
In 2008 the brand launched double-stick Nestlé Eskimo Butterfly and Nestlé Eskimo Night Butterfly, which can be divided into two sticks with two flavours to enjoy.
In 2010 Nestlé Eskimo launched Nestlé Eskimo Monkey as the world’s first peelable ice cream with a white grape-flavoured jelly shell and a vanilla-flavoured core.
In 2010 the brand launched Nestlé Eskimo Monkey Hero. The ice cream keeps kids guessing the colour of its core. Four colours are available.
In early 2012 saw the launch of Nestlé Eskimo Monkey Tooga, a 2-tone jelly ice cream with a surprise flavour.
In mid 2012 Nestlé Eskimo Mummy joined the line-up as a new design peelable ice cream where kids have spin the stick to peel its jelly wrap with sweet black currant-flavoured wrap and smooth french vanilla-flavoured core.

Nestlé Ice Cream evolves in flavor and appearance to attract and meet consumers’ need. It is no surprise that Nestlé Ice Cream remains a favourite dessert for the consumer worldwide.