‘Nestlé Eskimo Mummy’ ice cream that is delicious and fun – not so sweet, naturally colored and nutritious

To Press Releases listJun 12, 2012

  • ‘Fun to spin-peel’ initiative is innovative; adds to Nestlé line up of peelable ice creams for energetic kids to enjoy
  • Celebrity moms ‘Pui’ Pimonwan Supayang and ‘Top’ Daraneenuch Pothipiti share their experiences in getting snacks for little ones
  • Exhibition – ‘Ice Cream Evolution: Then and Now with Nestlé Ice Cream’

Bangkok (13 June 2012)Nestlé Ice Cream by Nestlé (Thai) Ltd, a leading food and beverage company, today launched Nestlé Eskimo Mummy , the latest and innovative addition to Nestlé Eskimo peelable ice creams under the ‘Fun and Healthy Snack’ concept. Nestlé Eskimo Mummy allows kids to enjoy a new way of enjoying delicious ice cream that is nutritionally healthy for school-age children since it is moderately sweet and uses natural food colouring.

The launch reception was attended by celebrity moms ‘Pui’ Pimonwan Supayang and ‘Top’ Daraneenuch Pothipiti who also shared their parenting experiences, particularly their choice selection of healthy snacks for kids, together with Nestlé’s nutritionist who imparted knowledge on the importance of healthy snacks and how to choose snacks for growing kids. A special exhibition was also held at the venue to detail the evolution of ice cream. On hand to give information and receive the guests was Ms. Sumonmal Duangsungnoen, Category Marketing Manager of Nestlé Ice Cream.

“Nestlé Eskimo Mummy represents the latest ice cream innovation by Thai Nestlé Ice Cream team. It comes with a novel design that allows the consumer to spin the stick and peel the wrap. The ice cream will appeal to school-age children as it allows them to have fun while eating. It has a delicious blend of French vanilla inside and attractive black currant jelly coat,” said Ms. Sumonmal.

“Nestlé Eskimo Mummy, under the ‘Fun and Healthy Snack’ concept, allows kids to have more fun while enjoying the ice cream and spin-peeling it. They will enjoy its delicious taste that is moderately sweet with natural colouring approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The nutritional value is suitable for children aged 6-12 years old. It contains less than 3 teaspoons of sugar and gives less than 150 kilocalories of energy,” said Ms. Sumonmal.

Mr. Thaweesap Luangnateethep, Nestlé’s nutritionist, said, “Kids and sweets or snacks are inseparable because active children need high calories. Kids may not get enough nutrients from eating three meals a day. Hence, sweets and snacks are necessary for them because energetic children need about 1,600 kilocalories each day. Not only do snacks keep them happy, it also helps children to obtain the essential nutrients needed. Children are in the growth developmental stage, hence, it is natural for them to be active physically. They are eager to learn new things and physically, their body constantly needs energy to perform various activities. 

Most children love to eat sweets and snacks, and often they get more energy than is necessary. Excessive daily intake of kilocalories in children increases the risk of obesity which is now affecting a large number of Thai children. Childhood obesity is on the rise each year and has a damaging impact on children’s health in the long term. It is very important to ensure proper daily nutrition so that they receive adequate intake of energy necessary for learning and growing healthily.”

The Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand has recommendations on sweets and snacks for children. According to the RCPT, A healthy choice of snacks for kids aged 6-12 will also keep them properly nourished provided that they eat a snack no more than twice a day that gives 100-150 kilocalories on average or gives no more than 10% of energy needed each day

Ms. Sumonmal said, “We have set up an ice cream exhibition which provides the chronology of the ever-evolving ice cream to the variety that we have today. Nestlé ice cream invests significantly in product innovation, and we have consistently come up with initiatives that raise the standards for unmatched innovations and tastes. Consumers will experience how Nestlé ice cream has evolved and improved over the years until today, reflecting the commitment and attention we always give to our consumers.”

“Nestlé is always seeking and developing new technologies to produce quality products that meet the needs of our consumers. Nestlé Eskimo Mummy ice cream offer parents another healthy choice of snack for their children, one that provides both fun and nutrition,” Ms. Sumonmal added.

Nestlé Eskimo Mummy, the latest innovative addition to Nestlé Eskimo’s peelable ice creams, is a ‘fun to spin-peel’ initiative that comes with a smooth French vanilla-flavoured core coated by a black currant jelly wrap. Low in sugar, it contains less than 3 teaspoons of sugar and uses natural colouring approved by the Food and Drug Administration. With less than 150 kilocalories, the ice cream offers nutrition that is suitable for children. It is available through food outlets at schools and retail stores at Bht 8 a stick and through mobile Nestlé ice cream tricycles at Bht 10 a stick.

“New! Nestlé Eskimo Mummy. It’s fun to spin and wrap around.”