Nestlé launches Nestlé ChocoShape cocoa-flavored weight control beverage

To Press Releases listBangkok,Jun 29, 2011

  • Nestlé ChocoShape meets the needs of health-conscious women who want to manage their weight and keep their shape
  • A new addition to NESCAFÉ Protect ProSlim line-up of popular weight control products
  • ‘Beau’ Thanakorn and ‘Green AF 5’ star in debut commercial

Nestlé (Thai) Ltd, Thailand’s leading food and beverage company, today launched Nestlé ChocoShape – a tasty cocoa-flavored weight control beverage specially formulated for consumption before a meal. The new drink is aimed at health-conscious women who want to manage their weight and keep their shape. 

With the new initiative, the company aims to build on the success of NESCAFÉ Protect ProSlim, currently the leading brand in the weight control coffee category. Representing the product as spokesmodels are Thanakorn ‘Beau’ Chinakul and Ausadaporn Siriwattanakul (Green AF 5).

Nestlé ChocoShape combines the benefits of 500 milligrams of white kidney bean extracts (which effectively blocks the breakdown of starches into sugars) and that of 4,000 milligrams of dietary fiber (which makes one feel full and helps with digestion). 

The beverage has low fat and no cholesterol. Simply drink Nestlé ChocoShape 20 minutes before a meal to enjoy the full benefits of the product.

Ms. Sriprapha Jingprasertsuk, Group Brand Manager of Functional Beverage, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “Nestlé ChocoShape is a tasty pre-meal cocoa-flavored weight control drink. The product, making its first debut here in Thailand, is the latest addition to our NESCAFÉ Protect ProSlim product line-up which has been very successful since its launch in 2009. 

With similar outstanding product benefits, Nestlé ChocoShape offers consumers another healthy choice of beverage for those who wish to maintain a great shape and personality.

According to AC Nielsen (Thailand) Ltd, in 2010, the market for functional beverages is valued at over Bht 2,000 million and is estimated to grow, on average, 17.6 % per year. In 2011, the market is expected to grow by 20 %.

She added, “We have earmarked over Bht 200million to support our marketing activities for Nestlé ChocoShape. On 1 July, we will debut a TV commercial entitled “Drink it... It’s good for you” starring young and handsome DJ and actor Thanakorn ‘Beau’ Chinakul and talented singer-cum-actress Asadaporn ‘Green’ Siriwattakul whose figure is simply enviable by many. Both of them represent shape-conscious and trendy young people whose everyday life is made worry-free by Nestlé ChocoShape.”

“The survey* shows that Thai people are more concerned about their health, especially weight and shape. 60% of respondents are trying to control or lose weight, especially women aged 26-35 years. 74% of respondents choose products whose ingredients are associated with low cholesterol, fat, calories, sugar and carbohydrates. It shows that weight and shape are important for women, 

which is why Nestlé focuses on innovation and product development to help consumers fulfill their desire for good health and a great shape,” said Ms. Sriprapha.

Nestlé ChocoShape – a cocoa-flavoured beverage formulated to help digestion for health-conscious women who wish to maintain their ideal weight and shape – offers the following main ingredients:

  • White kidney bean extracts (500 milligrams) which serve as a ‘starch blocker’ and effectively reduces the breakdown of carbohydrates by enzymes into sugars by 65%
  • Dietary / Natural fiber from chicory (4,000 milligrams) which makes one feels full and helps with digestion
  • Low fat , no cholesterol, and sugar-free it ideal for those who wish to manage their weight and shape


For optimum benefit, Nestlé ChocoShape should be consumed 20 minutes before a meal.

Nestlé ChocoShape is available at leading convenience stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide in a 4-sachet pack priced at Bht 63, a 10-sachet pack priced at Bht 120, and a 16-sachet pack at Bht 180.

“With the exceptional consumer acceptance for NESCAFÉ Protect ProSlim, we believe the introduction of Nestlé ChocoShape to the Thai market will help strengthen and further expand our consumer base,” Ms. Sriprapha said.