A quality coffee experience, first of Thailand using a proprietary technology

To Press Releases listBangkok,Jun 14, 2016


Coffee offers a fresh start to your morning every day. The world’s favorite coffee brand, NESCAFÉ, by Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., the world’s leading Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Company, has reinvented coffee mix to bring it to a new level of quality with NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW. It’s the first coffee mix in Thailand to be called “Pa Som Kafe Kwua Bod La-iad,” which means “blended with finely-ground roasted coffee.”

Using a unique proprietary technology that captures and protects the full-bodied flavor and aroma of genuine roasted coffee, NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW offers the experience of NESCAFÉ not as you know it to Thai coffee lovers.

Nestlé executives celebrating the official launch of NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW included Mrs. Audrey Liow, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Indochina ; Mr. Vladislav Andreev, Business Executive Manager - Coffee and Creamer Business Unit, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. ; Ms. Somrudee Boonhaijaroen, Communications & Marketing Services Director, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.; and Ms. Pattanai Luangtrakul, Senior Marketing Manager, NESCAFÉ Coffee Mixes, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.; along with Pechaya “Min” Wattanamontri and James Ma, the NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW brand ambassadors, at today’s launch event at the W Hotel Bangkok.

Mrs. Liow said, “Thai people are great coffee love rs. They start the day, and restart themselves during the day, with a cup of coffee, both in-home and whenever they go out. A great, well-balanced taste and nice aroma are the key criteria Thai consumers look for when choosing their preferred coffee.

We are reshaping a whole new world of coffee with the launch of the century of NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW. It’s NESCAFÉ not as you know it. NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW is a reinvention of coffee mix as ‘Pa Som Kafe Kwua Bod La-iad,’ which offers a quality coffee experience to Thai people nationwide.”

The two brand ambassadors made the official launch of NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW more intriguing with a special performance, showing talent not as you know them. Their performance featured Pechaya “Min” Wattanamontri playing piano, accompanied by James Ma on violin, as they showcased their musical talent for the first time together. Min and James also served NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW to guests at the launch event so they could experience it for themselves, filling the room with the amazing aroma of fresh-roasted and ground coffee.

Pechaya “Min” Wattanamontri said, “I start my morning with NESCAFÉ every day, so am very excited to be part of the launch of the century. This is no longer just 3-in-1, but NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW 'Pasom Kafe Kwua Bod La-iad.' It’s a new coffee experience of NESCAFÉ blended with finely-ground roasted coffee that we can now enjoy in Thailand for the first time in the world. Having NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW is like having ‘Kafe Kua Bod.’ It truly is NESCAFÉ not as you know it.”

According to James Ma, “I fell in love with my first sip of NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW. It offers the exceptional aroma of genuine roasted coffee along with full-bodied flavor. It’s delicious and available at an affordable price. I am pleased to bring the exciting coffee experience of NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW to Thai coffee lovers. I know everyone who tries it will definitely love it.”

Experience new NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW, now available in five different pack sizes:
4-sticks at 20 Baht, 9-sticks at 39 Baht, 27-sticks at 102 Baht, and 40-sticks at 145 baht for consumers; and 60-sticks at 185 baht for retailers. NESCAFÉ BLEND & BREW can be found at supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, modern trade outlets, and retail stores throughout Thailand.