Get lost in the smooth sensation of real fruit purée in ‘Nestlé LA FRUTTA’

To Press Releases listBangkok,May 3, 2013

New ice cream promises to get consumers ‘Lost in Smooth Sensation’


  • New ice cream promises to get consumers ‘Lost in Smooth Sensation’ of real fruit purée
  • Healthy-minded girl celebs share tips for staying healthy with fruits
  • Hot stars ‘Warintorn Panhakarn’ and ‘Kimberley Ann Voltemas’ share  their experiences of beating the heat with fruits for health

Nestlé Ice Cream by Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., Thailand’s leading food and beverage company, recently held a press event to announce the rollout of a new ice cream Nestlé LA FRUTTA, the fruit-based ice cream concept first launched in Argentina and later rolled out successfully globally. 

For Thailand we launch the leaf-shape ice cream under the uniquely concept ‘Lost in Smooth Sensation’ which provides a delightful choice of refreshment to Thai people, who enjoy a modern lifestyle, fancy a variety of tastes and care about their health.  The event was held at Eden on the first floor of Central World Shopping Center.

The venue was turned into an amazing fruit paradise filled with the sensual aroma of fruit.  It included a romantic strawberry garden, a green kiwi garden and a glowing mango garden.  The press event was presided over by Mr. Edouard Spicher, Business Director – Ice Cream, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., who said, “Nestlé LA FRUTTA has a smooth flavour and contains the real fruit purée.  The creatively passionate recipe is from Argentina where the ice cream was first made available in 2006 before its popularity grew widely in Brazil and several Latin American countries. 

The unique leaf-shaped design of the stick communicates naturalness.  It keeps you refreshed with the aromatic flavours of 20% real fruits, namely: strawberry, kiwi with apple aroma and peach with mango aroma with 0% fat and mild sweet taste”

LA Frutta’s angelsAttending the reception were healthy-minded girl celebrities. They were treated to the smooth sensation of real fruit purée and shared a healthy experience that also helped cool them down in different ways.  

‘Yuki’ Unawan Tangkaravakoon – known to be a hard-core fan of strawberry, said, “Strawberry is an amazing fruit rich in nutrients.  It is high in vitamin C and has the food fibre to help with the bowel movement.  Normally, it is a cold-weather fruit.  But it is easier to find strawberry these days.  Particularly in the hot summer like this, eating ice cream with strawberry purée is a refreshing choice to beat the heat.  And it is good for health too.”

‘Moodang’ Chanintida Chandrubeksa shared her great idea for designing a healthy fruit menu.  According to the fair-looking celebrity, “I am a chocolate lover.  I would pour chocolate on fruit or eat it like fondue.  My choice is sour fruit like kiwi.  It is high in vitamin C which is good for the skin.  It makes you younger looking and radiant.  But don’t forget to exercise regularly.”

For ‘Mint’ Jindapa Boonyakorn, fruits are part of her daily food routine.  The health-conscious celebrity said, “Fruits are so healthy.  They make you feel fresh and look fair.  And for the summer, smoothie or fruit-flavoured ice cream with sero fat that is not too sweet is perfect to beat the heat.  It has good taste and benefits from fruits in balance too.  Eating fruits is taking care of yourself from the inside.  But for your skin to beautiful all summer long, you have to apply sun screen to protect your skin from the outside too.”

Kimberley Ann Voltemas and Great – Warintorn PanhakarnIn addition to the celebrities, the event had two of the country’s hottest stars ‘Great’ Warintorn Panhakarn and Kimberley Ann Voltemas participate in a spectacular opening show performed under the ‘Lost in Smooth Sensation’ theme, along with dancers and flying butterfly performers.  The show drew a loud applause from the audience.    

Nestlé LA FRUTTA is a new ice cream with real fruit purée that gives a smooth, aromatic feel to keep you refreshed all summer.  With 0% fat and mild sweet taste, it is available in a unique leaf-shaped stick in 3 flavours: strawberry, kiwi with apple aroma and peach with mango aroma. The ice cream is available through retail stores at Bht 17 a stick and through Nestlé’s roving ice cream tricycles at Bht 20
a stick.

“New! Nestlé LA FRUTTA.  Lost in Smooth Sensation.”