Nestlé Eskimo Mummy ice cream

To Press Releases listJun 7, 2012

Nestlé Eskimo Mummy is the latest innovative addition to Nestlé Eskimo’s ice cream line-up. Nestlé Eskimo Mummy makes eating ice cream more fun as the consumer spins the stick and peels the wrap. The ice cream has a smooth French vanilla-flavoured core wrapped around by a black currant jelly, taste delicious, and is moderately sweet. Its naturally-derived colouring is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. With less than 150 kilocalories of energy, it is nutritionally suitable for school-age children (6-12 years old) in need of high energy to perform daily activities.

Nestlé Eskimo is a popular ice cream in Nestlé Ice Cream’s portfolio. Nestlé Eskimo is outstanding for its design novelty as a peelable ice cream. It allows the consumers to have fun while enjoying a delicious ice cream with nutrition that is suitable for their age.

Nestlé Eskimo peelable ice cream made its debut in 2010 with the banana-like Nestlé Eskimo Monkey – a new-design ice cream whose vanilla-flavoured core is wrapped in a bright jelly shell. Since launch, the product initiative has gained excellent consumer acceptance. Nestlé Eskimo Mummy is the latest in Nestlé Eskimo’s product line-up.

Nestlé Eskimo’s portfolio of peelable ice cream includes:

Nestlé Eskimo Monkey: This peelable ice cream comes with a white grape-flavoured jelly shell and a vanilla-flavoured core.

Nestlé Eskimo Monkey Hero: Featuring the same design as Nestlé Eskimo Monkey but offering more fun in guessing the colour of its core that is concealed in a strawberry-flavoured jelly shell.

Nestlé Eskimo Monkey Tooga: More fun from adding two layers of shell in strawberry and pineapple flavours. The variant has a sherbet-flavoured core.

Nestlé Eskimo Mummy: This ‘fun to spin-peel’ ice cream has a sweet black currant-flavoured wrap and a smooth french vanilla-flavoured core.