Nestlé celebrates 120 years in Thailand

To Press Releases listBangkok,Mar 7, 2013

Nestlé 120 Years

  • Good health for the whole family with the mobile expo ‘Live Healthy, Live for More…Nestlé 120 Years Mobile Expo’ – to reach 120 communities nationwide

Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., Thailand’s leading food and beverage company, today announced celebrations for its 120 years anniversary in Thailand. A massive campaign ‘Nestlé 120 Years Side by Side With Thais’ was unveiled and consumers are invited to take part in the launch of the mobile expo ‘Live Healthy, Live for More…Nestlé 120 Years Mobile Expo’ from 22-24 March 2013 at Rajamangala National Stadium that aims to promote happiness, encourage health and improve the well being of the Thai people.

Sharing the campaign details at the press conference were Mr. Wayne England, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Indochina, and Mr. Noppadol Siwabutr, Executive Director for Corporate Affairs of Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.

The mobile expo ‘Live Healthy, Live for More…Nestlé 120 Years Mobile Expo’ will be held on 22-24 March 2013 from 16.00 - 21.00 hrs at Rajamangala National Stadium. For other provinces throughout the country, the event is scheduled to take place April 2013. For further information please visit

Mr. Wayne England, Chairman and CEO, Nestlé Indochina, said, “Nestlé Thailand has been building the trust of Thai families for over 12 decades as a provider of nutritional products with good taste. Today, on average, every minute, of every day or night, more than 40,000 servings of Nestlé products are enjoyed by consumers in Thailand. 

As we celebrate our 120 years past, we also look to the years ahead and to becoming even closer to Thai families by further focusing on all the essential attributes that have made Nestle so successful in Thailand and to further increasing the nutritional value of our products as well as matching them to the particular needs of every life stage of consumers.”

120 Years NestléHe said that, today, Nestlé has 41 brands in Thailand. Nestlé’s presence in Thailand started in August 1893 with an advertisement promoting ‘Milkmaid’ sweetened condensed milk imported from Switzerland which was published in the August issue of the Bangkok Time newspaper 120 years ago. It was an important nutritional innovation at that time and Nestlé received very good response from consumers. Over the years Nestlé has focused on continuous innovation of quality products to meet the needs of Thai consumers, regardless of their age and gender, with a priority on nutritional value, good taste, cleanliness and safety.

“For 120 years Nestlé has been side by side with Thai families during four reigns since King Rama V. Nestlé has constantly introduced new products while consistently developing existing ones. Our trademarks that continue to win the hearts of Thai families from the older generation to younger ones are Bear Brand powder milk, which was launched in 1934 (79 years ago) and NESCAFÉ, the world’s first instant coffee and a world-class innovation introduced in 1938 (75 years ago),” Mr. England said.

Mr. Noppadol Siwabutr, Executive Director for Corporate Affairs, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “We also provide information and activities to educate Thai families and communities on health, well-being and nutrition. It is our goal to see all Thai people with good health enjoying a good life and enduring wellness.”

“For the 120th year of Nestlé in Thailand, we will conduct an important mobile expo ‘Live Healthy, Live for More…Nestlé 120 Years Mobile Expo’. It is the highlight of our anniversary celebrations,” he said.

“As a result of the mobile expo, we want Thai people to know how important it is to have good health for themselves and their families and how it leads to a good life. We have lots of fun activities that share knowledge on self-care and proper nutrition. Participants can use this information to take care of themselves, their families and even their pets,” said Mr. Noppadol.

The mobile expo ‘Live Healthy, Live for More…Nestlé 120 Years Mobile Expo’ consists of 13 main zones, including (1) Inspiration, (2) 120 Years Nestlé Side by Side With Thais, (3) Healthy and Well, the Thai Way, (4) Creating Shared Value, (5) Health Check-up, (6) Nutrition Label Reading, (7) Yummy and Healthy, (8) Healthy Headstart For Proper Development, (9) Eat Up, Burn Up, (10) Healthy Kids Ready to Learn, (11) Healthy Pets, (12) Health and Wellness Market, and (13) Common Activity Zone.

120 Years Nestlé Side by Side With ThaisMr. Noppadol said, “In addition to the 13 main attractions, we will be joined by celebrity guests, such as top TV actor Thanawat ‘Pope’ Wattanaputi, Thailand’s all-time favourite footballer Piyapong Pueon, and celebrity sports TV anchor Pongpisut ‘Tangmo’ Pueon

Other activities are also planned to surprise Thai consumers throughout the year. The highlight of the caravan is in the Inspiration Zone where we will show a video that will help Thai people to see the importance of good health and which prompts viewers to ask themselves: “Who do I want to be healthy for, and for what?” Inspirations generated will be shared across the country.”

“Nestlé offers products that answer the needs of consumers of all ages and genders. All our products have consistently enjoyed strong popularity, whether it be Bear Brand, which is a special formula for toddlers and pre-schoolers, Milo - the healthy chocolate drink that tastes good for school-age kids, NESCAFÉ - the roasted ground coffee well-liked by career people, and the Maggi Juicy Rice Cooker which offers housewives an innovative way to cook. 

 We also have NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, a state-of- the-art coffee-maker that gives the new generation of coffee lovers exactly what they want. Quality products from Nestlé are the result of extensive research and development at Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland. Their quality is guaranteed for the consumer,” added Mr. Noppadol.