NESCAFÉ 3in1 kicks off NESFORUM reality show to inspire university students to follow their dream career

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Ground-breaking show by NESCAFÉ 3in1

  • Ground-breaking show by NESCAFÉ 3in1; promotes learning based on real-life experience of top idols in 10 professions
  • Scholarships totally worth Bht 500,000 up for grabs along with rare opportunity to train with dream idols for 3 months
  • Updates throughout competition on Follow 30 university students performing challenging missions in 10 dream jobs on Play Channel, broadcast every Thursday, starting 18 July 2013 at 21.00 hrs. with 'Cutto' as his first reality show host

Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.'s NESCAFÉ 3in1, the leader in Thailand's instant coffee market, recently kicked off NESCAFÉ 3in1: NESFORUM – Thailand's first reality show to search the 10 best university students based on the most challenging missions performed alongside professionals in 10 dream jobs, as rated by Thai university students. The show aims to encourage students to learn from experiences outside of their classroom to prepare them for a professional career in the real world.

Ms. Montichar Sookchan, Marketing Manager - NESCAFÉ 3in1, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.Ms. Montichar Sookchan, Marketing Manager - NESCAFÉ 3in1, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, "We consider NESCAFÉ 3in1: NESFORUM a major milestone since it is a special reality show to air on GTH's Play Channel. Our purpose is to inspire and show university students how they can prepare for their future dream career. This campaign has been held in partnership with Play Channel, GTH's quality entertainment TV network, which provides a broadcast channel to effectively reach university students - our target audience.

"Before the show, we prepared by working diligently on information and research. We conducted a survey of third and fourth-year university students nationwide to determine the top 10 dream jobs of their choice while selecting the 10 idols in individual professions who can share their experience and help design a mission for the contestants to perform. We would like the contestants to gain hands-on experience just like professionals".

Professional Careers of 10 Idols

  1. Film director. 'Mez Tharatorn,' up-and-coming director and idol for the new generation, known for his box-office hit ATM: Er Rak Error, which grossed more than Bht 150 million
  2. Designer. 'Polpat Asavaprapha,' President of Bangkok Fashion Society and owner of the brand ASAVA. Polpat spearheaded the rise in popularity of Thai designers
  3. Photographer. 'Anuchai Secharunputong,' an award-winning advertising photographer. Among his international laurels are Cannes Lions Awards and London International Awards
  4. Artist/Singer. 'Tony Phee' or 'Tum' Tananchai Chanachot, the songwriter and producer behind the success of several pop stars, including Bie The Star
  5. Flight attendant. 'Aum' Monchaya Khuptawinthu, the winged inspiration at Perfect Angels. Ajarn Aum counts among her students, 1,608 flight attendants
  6. Engineer. 'Katha Chamadol,' a promising young oil-rig engineer and the winner of Men's Health Guy Challenge Award 2012
  7. Chef. 'Ton' Zra Jirarath, a rising chef and the owner of 'Aston Gastro Bar'
  8. Architect. 'Jeravej Hongsakul,' an idol for young people and a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture's Department of Interior Design, Bangkok University
  9. Diplomat. 'Pavikorn Puangketkaew,' a diplomatic service officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of Thai-US relations
  10. Development activist. 'Decha Siripat,' President of the Kao Kwan Foundation in Suphanburi, the man behind the movement for sustainable agriculture in line with HM the King's initiative

10 professionals will participate to meet university students nationwideThe contestants are recruited from third and fourth-year university students of state and private universities. Students participate in 3 rounds of competition. During the qualifying round, the contestants are narrowed down to 10 for each profession. In the interview round, only 3 for each profession will remain to perform the final round which requires finalists to work in a real-life environment under the supervision of the professional idols tasked with finding a winner for each profession.

"The 10 winners will each receive Bht 50,000 in scholarships. They will also gain invaluable experiences as they train with their idols in their dream jobs for three months. This will help prepare each of the winners to work like pros in their future career," Ms. Montichar said.

Throughout September, the 10 professionals will participate in a roadshow to meet other university students nationwide and share their working experiences that will serve as inspiration for university students to follow their dream career.

Updates throughout competition on Follow the 30 contestants as they carry out their mission in the 10 dream professions on Play Channel every Thursday, starting 18 July 2013 at 21.00 hrs. The show is hosted by 'Cutto' Arom Phoharnrattanakul, Lipta's lead singer and an Internet sensation maker on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, who is known for his tongue-in-cheek antics.

Play Channel is available via GMM Z Channel 11 and 23 and PSI Channel 170/DTV Channel 29/BIG4 Channel 92/Dynasat Channel 42 or

"NESCAFÉ 3in1: NESFORUM... Make your dream come true"