“NESVITA Lady Talent Contest 2015” Winners

Kalamare, Ying, Woonsen, and Ning selected 3 new NESVITA health bloggers

To Press Releases listBangkok,Nov 23, 2015

Bangkok - 16 November 2015: Attracting many working women nationwide, the first “NESVITA Lady Talent Contest 2015” in Thailand reached the final round in a search for three women, each with a style representing the epitome of being healthy, active, and confident. The three winners will become health bloggers for NESVITA Thailand and share in cash prizes worth a total of 300,000 baht. They will also be featured in a fashion shoot for “Priew” magazine.

The final round event for the NESVITA Lady Talent Contest 2015 was also attended by Nestlé executives Ms. Audrey Liow, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Indochina; and Mr. Chaiyong Sakulborrirug, Business Executive Manager, Dairy and Adult Nutrition, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. 

The judging panel consisted of four celebrities who have inspired a healthy, active, and confident lifestyle among Thai women, including Healthy Lady, represented by Patcharasri “Kalamare” Benjamas, who demonstrated her healthy lifestyle at the event with a basket of fruit and wholegrain foods; followed by Active Lady, represented by Ratha “Ying” Phongam, who showcased her activeness by lifting weights; and Confident Lady, with Virithipa “Woonsen” Pakdeeprasong and Saraichatt “Ning” Jeeraphat in working women’s outfits that highlighted their confidence together with the honored judge Ms. Pravina Vinaraphong Krisdhasima, Consumer Engagement and Activation Group Manager, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.

The event took place at Eden Zone, Central World, and included an exclusive concert by Hunz, The Star.

The NESVITA Lady Talent Contest 2015 was well received with many interested applicants.  From the audition round, 31 women made it to the final round. The event created great excitement as the finalists were unveiled on stage and demonstrated their knowledge about health, activeness, and confidence during a Q&A session in front of the judges. The three winners, each with her own unique style, were then announced. Ms. Chutima Kirdsiri won of the NESVITA Healthy Lady; Ms. Alita Tantivirasut won of the NESVITA Active Lady; and Ms. Chanikarn Kadesang won of the NESVITA Confident Lady.

Mr. Chaiyong Sakulborrirug, Business Executive Manager, Dairy and Adult Nutrition, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “NESVITA has always been committed to Nestlé’s vision of providing nutrition, health, and wellness to Thai people. This is the first time that NESVITA is empowering women through the NESVITA Lady Talent Contest 2015, unveiling their potential and fulfilling their dream of becoming a health blogger for NESVITA Thailand.

The search for three women who possess healthy, active, and confident traits reflects the NESVITA brand personality. NESVITA recognizes the importance of helping to kick start the day smoothly and with confidence. With the goodness of wholegrain cereal, NESVITA promotes healthy digestion, which is the foundation for good health”.

Patcharasri “Kalamare” Benjamas said, “Judging from my own experience when I started to eat healthier food, I realized that health cannot be bought; it has to be built by you. It starts with consuming nutritious food. This is why I’d like to encourage women to start choosing nutritious food low in calories and with no cholesterol, such as clean food with vegetables and fruits. 

We should also consume more food with fiber that helps our digestive system. This is important for maintaining a healthy body and a healthy state of mind, not to mention boosting our confidence, which will help us to succeed.”

Ratha “Ying” Phognam said, “I would like to urge women to start exercising. When you have time, whether it’s going to the gym, lifting weights, or dancing in a studio, it's good to do cardio and to sweat. In addition, you gain a better figure, leaner stomach, and tone your arms and legs. Fitness is the foundation for good health and keeps you active. As well as exercising, women should consume healthy food at appropriate times in order for our digestive system to function properly.”

Virithipa “Woonsen” Pakdeeprasong said, “A positive outlook and confidence are the keys to success in a working woman’s career. Sometimes, we face challenges and things don’t go our way. I’d like to suggest that we can do better tomorrow, and with this attitude, we will be happier with work and will definitely succeed. Another tip for gaining confidence is being careful what you consume. Eating food that contains wholegrain has helped my digestive system.”

Saraichatt “Ning” Jeeraphat said, “I would like to share my three secrets to encourage working women to take care of themselves from inside out, starting with good nutrition and exercising daily. Also, women should have a good personality including speaking with confidence and wearing clothes that suit their bodies and personalities and also fit the occasion. This will make them confident every day. By putting these three secrets into practice regularly, I am sure that every woman can be healthy, active, and confident, ready to start every morning with a positive attitude.”

By keeping these tips from the four idols in mind, you will be prepared to participate in next year’s NESVITA Lady Talent Contest. For more recommendations on healthy, active, and confident living, visit www.facebook.com/NESVITAThailand.