Nestle unveils NANKID Suprema 3 Milk supplement for children aged 1 year and above Science inspired by nature for mothers

To Press Releases listOct 15, 2018


Bangkok, October 5, 2018 – Nestle, the world-class leader in nutrition for better health and quality of life, today announced the launch of NANKID Suprema 3, a milk product for toddlers aged 12 months and over. The formula combines the extensive knowledge drawn from a profound understanding of nature and motherhood. Three celebrities with different mothering styles, namely Ying Air – M.R. Chantaraladda (Yukol) Uboldejpracharak, Oh – Apichaya Krairiksh and Shannon – Charinee Kalayanamitr, joined the launch and shared their concepts of motherhood as well as their approaches to establishing the strong foundations of nutrition in the long term. A physician specializing in child nutrition also participated in the event and talked about child nutrition and growth development.

“As a world-class expert in nutrition trusted by consumers for more than 150 years, Nestle continuously dedicates our efforts to studying nature and understanding mothers who devote themselves to their children. Every year, Nestle puts enormous effort into research and development with an investment of more than 80 billion baht.  The aim is to enhance the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. NANKID Suprema 3 is a Nestle milk product which sources its protein wholly from whey protein that is then partially hydrolyzed using Nestle’s proprietary technology. The product also contains the probiotics Bifidus BL, DHA, ARA and 11 nutritional other ingredients necessary for child development,” said Mr. Victor Seah, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestle Indochina.


Ying Air – M.R. Chantaraladda (Yukol) Uboldejpracharak, a mother of three and the public relations consultant to Siam Paragon, offered her own tips for raising children. “I believe nature is the best. I raise each of my children according to their own personalities. I let my kids grow strong and enjoy their life as they are. For example, my first child loves math while another one loves art, so I encourage them to do what they love. Everything I choose for my children must be suitable for each of them. Based on the understanding of whey protein benefits, I have every confidence to choose NANKID Suprema 3 for my children.”

Oh – Apichaya Krairiksh, legal consultant of LS Horizon Limited, has a different view of motherhood. “As we cannot control the future, we must make the very best plans for our children now. This doesn’t mean they have to be exactly as we want, but we need to prepare everything to ensure our children are ready for the future. Every day, I wake up early to see my children before leaving for work. At 6 in the evening, I will stop working and go home to spend as much time with my children as I can. As someone who is known for her precision, I have learned that Nestle uses its proprietary technology to partially hydrolyze whey protein and trust NANKID Suprema 3 just as many other moms around the world do.”


Shannon – Charinee Kalayanamitr, mother and successful entrepreneur, the founder of ORAMI and Venture Partner of Gobi Partners, explained her way of raising children. “I believe that children learn and develop every day. Their interests change from time to time. We need to pay attention to them and always adjust ourselves, so we can guide them every step of the way. For me, being a mom requires endless persistence, similar to Nestle which has continuously dedicated itself to research and development for over 150 years to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.”