BEAR BRAND 1+ organizes Thailand’s first ‘BEAR BRAND Love and Protection Expo’

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ปกป้องด้วยรัก สู่พัฒนาการหลากมิติ

(From left): Mr. Nophadol Siwabutr, Executive Director for Corporate Affairs, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.; Ms. Kanokthip Prinyarnussorn, Marketing Manager for BEAR BRAND products, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. and Mr. Wayne England, Chairman and CEO, Nestlé Indochina invite parents with children aged 1-6 years to join "BEAR BRAND Love and Protection Expo".

  • Parents with children aged 1-6 years invited to Island Hall, 3rd floor of Fashion Island, Bangkok between 24-27 April to join in activities and learn, before the expo's visit to 3 other regions
  • Children can enjoy 'StimuLearnTM', Nestlé's proprietary programme to stimulate 5 areas of child development
  • Experts recommend mothers and children receive probiotics during the first 1,000 days from pregnancy until the children are 2 years of age
  • Brand ambassador 'Kob' Suwanan Punnakanta, together with daughter Nada, share tips on how she raised the little princess of show business to be healthy with all-around development

Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., the distributor of NESTLÉ BEAR BRAND's formula for children aged one year and older, today kicked off 'BEAR BRAND Love and Protection Expo' – the first major exposition of its kind in Thailand that provides multiple knowledge-based activities necessary for building a solid foundation for the future of children by giving them strong immunity that is needed to get them ready for efficient all-around learning.

The event was presented by Ms. Somrudee Boonhaijaroen, Business Director, Infant and Young Child Nutrition and Ms. Kanokthip Prinyarnussorn, Marketing Manager for BEAR BRAND products, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., with Assoc. Prof. Sungkom Chongpipatvanich, MD, and Assist. Prof. Banchuen Benjasuwanthep, MD, on hand to share expert knowledge on child nutrition and development. Brand ambassador 'Kob' Suwanan Punnakanta was also present with her daughter Nada to discuss healthy parenting and share tips on how to achieve all-around development for a child. Acting as moderator was Ms. Sukanya Raiwin.

ปกป้องด้วยรัก สู่พัฒนาการหลากมิติ 

Ms. Somrudee Boonhaijaroen, Business Director Infant and Young Child Nutrition, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, "BEAR BRAND's formula for children aged one year and older is a formula trusted by Thai families for more than 80 years. And as experts in nutrition for mothers and children, we have never stopped working on research and development to come up with innovative products that are good for pregnant and lactating mothers as well as healthy nutritional products for children aged one year and older. However, we encourage mothers to breastfeed as breastfeeding is the best.

"We want to be the companion that mothers trust to help build a solid foundation for their children's good future. Our focus is not on intellectual development alone. We look at other areas of development. One of the most important areas is to build a strong immune system as a shield to keep children free from diseases and health problems while getting them ready to learn for happy development in multiple areas," said Ms. Somrudee.

Ms. Kanokthip Prinyarnussorn, Marketing Manager for BEAR BRAND products, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., "said, 'BEAR BRAND Love and Protection Expo' is designed to provide in one stop all dimensions of knowledge useful for parents with children aged between 1-6 years."

In the BEAR BRAND Expo, there is a complete range of zones featuring fun and knowledge-filled activities as follows:

  1. Be Loved: A story of "A Child's First Amazing 1,000 Days"
  2. Breastfeeding is the Best: Amazing stories and facts about breast milk
  3. Be Protected: The biggest source of human immunity is in the gastrointestinal system
  4. Better Together with StimuLearnTM: Fun activities to stimulate a child's learning process
  5. Because of Mom's Love: Tips for raising a child to achieve age-appropriate growth
  6. BEAR BRAND Best Buy: Quality products for mother and child nutrition

"On this occasion, we have introduced a learning innovation called 'StimuLearnTM'. It is Nestlé's proprietary programme to stimulate five areas of development. StimuLearnTM was developed by child development experts and Nestlé Research Center ," added Ms. Kanokthip

"It helps children develop in five areas: 1. Language 2. Memory 3. Attention 4. Problem solving and 5. Psychomotor. These activity bases were simulated in line with the five areas of skill development for parents to observe their children's areas of strength and which areas of skills should be promoted and further developed," said Ms. Kanokthip.

รศ.นพ.สังคม จงพิพัฒน์วณิชย์ ผู้เชี่ยวชาญด้านโภชนาการเด็ก 

Assoc. Prof. Sungkom Chongpipatvanich, MD, an expert in child nutrition, said, "The first 1,000 days is an important period to ensure a child has healthy immunity. It begins from pregnancy until two years of age. Therefore, mothers are advised to look after their own nutrition as well as their children from the start. The first meal that is safest and most nutritional for a child is breast milk."

"The starting point of a strong immune system is in the gastrointestinal system. 80% of immunity-building cells are in the gastrointestinal system where there are 400-500 strains of microbes. In the early period of birth, the gastrointestinal system of a child is free from microbes. A child receives natural microbes from the environment or breast milk. So breast-fed children are strong and healthy.

Useful microbes in breast milk, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are vital in keeping a balance of microbes in the gastrointestinal system in order to build an immune system and reduce infections in a child. However, if it is not possible for a mother to breastfeed, it is recommended that supplemental nutrition with probiotics be chosen to promote her child's healthy growth," said Assoc. Prof. Sungkom.

Assist. Prof. Banchuen Benjasuwanthep, MD, an expert in child development, said, "A mother can ensure proper development for her child from the beginning and throughout her pregnancy by making sure that both receive complete nutrients. And when the child is born, parents are figuratively important toys as they go about the daily routine with their child like bathing, dressing, feeding. Parents can also find extra activities for their child like taking the baby out to explore his surroundings, reading fables or books and playing games that promote development."

ปกป้องด้วยรัก สู่พัฒนาการหลากมิติ 

'Kob' Suwanan Punnakanta, brand ambassador for BEAR BRAND's formula for children aged one year and older, said, "The first important thing in raising children to grow right for their age is to make sure that they are strong and healthy. You can do that by helping them build immunity. It is important that they receive complete nutrients. I started planning to raise my child since the days I learned I was pregnant."

"I value breastfeeding because breast milk is the amazing first meal for your child. Nada was fed breast milk for more than a year. I also chose to give her nutrition with probiotics to ensure that she has the protection needed for healthy growth so she can fully enjoy learning.

Most parents focus on food that promotes brain functions. But the whole time I raised my daughter, I can see that Nada is strong. She enjoys good health and is a cheerful girl. It makes her ready and happy to learn new things and have proper development in other areas along the way," added 'Kob' Suwanan.

Prepare to benefit from "BEAR BRAND Love and Protection Expo" at the following venues:

  • Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 April 2014 at Island Hall, 3rd floor of Fashion Island Shopping Center, Bangkok
  • Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 May at the activity square plaza, G floor in front of the video wall, Central Plaza, Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Mai
  • Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May at the activity square, 1st floor of Central Plaza, Udon Thani
  • Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 May at the promotion zone, 1st floor of Central Plaza, Surat Thani

Special offer! Buy Bht 1,100 worth of BEAR BRAND Advance Protextion formula 3 or Advance XPert formula 4 at the exposition, get free child development premiums: "Learning about Marine Life with Brother Bear".

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