Sinsae Chang created easy-to cook recipes for prosperity on Chinese New Year

To Press Releases listJan 27, 2016

Bangkok - January 22, 2016:  MAGGI, by Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., a leading food and beverage company, reinforces its leadership position in nutrition, health and wellness by launching the “Auspicious Delicious” campaign featuring Sinsae Chang Tossaporn Sritula, Thailand's most notable astrologist and Fengshui Master, to introduce eight healthy, lucky recipes. The campaign invites Thai consumers to create these easy-to-cook recipes for Chinese New Year infused with MAGGI’s range of Soy and Oyster sauces.

To celebrate the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, MAGGI has also launched a limited-edition label of its iconic MAGGI Cooking sauce under the concept “MULTIPLY the prosperity with MAGGI sauce” with a golden dragon design together with a special “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” promotion starting from today.

Mr. Chawapoj Thienthong, Marketing Manager, Culinary - MAGGI, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, "MAGGI, as the leader in the seasoning sauce segment, is proud to help make this Chinese New Year more memorable and special and ensure a fresh start for the new year with the kickoff of the MAGGI Auspicious Delicious campaign. Sinsae Chang Tossaporn Sritula, a notable Thai astrologist and Fengshui Master, has personally chosen auspicious and nutritious ingredients such as thin rice noodles, fish, prawns, crabs, and duck to create eight healthy, lucky recipes.

They are infused with MAGGI seasoning sauces made from naturally-fermented soybean and MAGGI oyster sauce made from real oysters, which are suitable for all family members and great for home cooking.To add even more celebration to this Chinese New Year,

MAGGI has launched a limited-edition label for its iconic MAGGI Cooking sauce featuring a golden dragon on a distinctive red design to manifest power, wealth, and prosperity. It is exclusively on sale during Chinese New Year 2016. Overall, the campaign aims to wish that all families have an ‘Auspicious Delicious’ experience by cooking every dish for an auspicious and luckier life throughout the year.”

MAGGI will also add wow to the Chinese New Year with fun-filled activities that will take place in Nakonsawan province. They include a wide range of products at special prices, lucky draws, and the eight Auspicious Delicious recipes created by Master Chang at the MAGGI activity booth. It will be open from February 1 until 12, 2016, at the Chinese New Year festival on Rim Khuean Road, Nakhonsawan

MAGGI’s eight Auspicious Delicious recipes by Sinsae Chang Tossaporn Sritula
1. Nueng-Sompratthana (“Dreams come true” Steamed Grouper)
2. Pad-Ayu-Man-Kwan-Yuen (“Live long & prosper” Stir-fried Thin Rice Noodles)
3. Soup-Rabruen-Chokdee (“Peacefully lucky” Bak Kut Teh)
4. Jien-Mangmee-Karkai (“Wealthy trading” Braised Abalone Mushrooms)
5. Talay-Ruammit-Suksabai (“Happily ever after” Braised Assorted Seafood and Bamboo Shoots)
6. Pu-Obb-YingYhai-Vassana (“Great destiny” Steamed Crab)
7. Koong-Kratiem-Nampa-Baramee (“Power comes naturally” Deep-fried Prawns with Garlic)
8. Ped-Palow-Kanngan-Samret-Tookprakarn (“All work majestically completed” Pot-stewed Duck)

For this Chinese New Year, MAGGI has come up with selected auspicious ingredients that reflect luck, wealth, prosperity, growth, and longevity. They are used in special recipes, infused with MAGGI seasoning sauces made from naturally-fermented processes so they are aromatic, tasty and high in nutrients.

People interested in making the eight Auspicious Delicious recipes can get them, along with other secret recipes, at