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Zero waste water

Referring to the Nestlé Environmental Management System and Nestlé Water Policy – Water Resource Guidelines for Sustainable Management, Nestlé Thailand strongly commits to environmentally sound business practices, especially the limitation of natural resources supply, like water, by..

  • Reduce – improving waste water efficiency and minimizing waste water
  • Reuse – avoiding water to become polluted during the manufacturing process
  • Recycle - having waste water treatment and use it for watering all trees in the factories (watering coffee plantlets and supplying the cool tower at QCP)

In addition to the above standards, at Quality Coffee Products Ltd.- NESCAFÉ manufacturer, waste water is separated by its type for most efficient treatment and best result as coffee contaminated waste water, blow-down water and normal waste water. Drain system is also designed to store rain water for a better used in the factory.

With continuously driving in improving the waste water efficiency, the QCP factory has succeeded in reducing amount of waste water to the level of zero discharge at present. Not only the technology that has been developed to achieve this but most importantly, it’s Nestlé’s responsibility and commitment to the community, the society and to the world environment.