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Population growth, together with improving living conditions in the developing world is pushing up demand for nutritious food and fresh water. At the same time, many of the raw materials essential to the production of our foods are increasingly constrained. Consequently, ensuring sustainability of supply is vital.

In addition, the production of the raw and processed materials we use to manufacture our products has important impacts on people and the environment well before they reach our factories. The choices we make with regards to which suppliers we use and how we work with them to continuously improve their performance can positively influence the social and environmental impacts of our value chain.

Responsible sourcing is about ensuring that when we purchase raw or processed materials, we make decisions that are aligned with our own commitments and policies, but it is also about ensuring that our suppliers understand and are aligned with these requirements and act accordingly. And last but not least, it is also about ensuring that our suppliers, back to individual farmers and other primary producers, are able to maintain a viable business, which will enable them to thrive while guaranteeing us security of supply.