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The Healthy Thai Kids Programme



Recent research identified trends of changing food consumption patterns as well as decreased physical activity among Thai youth. Physical inactivity and unhealthy diets are major contributors to overweight and obesity. The Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Education and Nestle (Thai) Ltd., sharing the same desire to promote healthy lifestyles among Thai children, decided jointly to launch the “Healthy Thai Kids” Campaign, to improve Thai children’s knowledge and understanding of what a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is.

In 2004, Nestlé launched the Healthy Thai Kids Campaign in primary schools in Bangkok in co-operation with the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education. The programme has expanded nationwide from 2005 onwards.

The goal of this project is to promote nutrition, health and wellness to Thai school children (aged 8-12 yrs.) and to their teachers in 2,000 schools each year, and beyond children, to positively impact their families.

The programme is implemented through the use of edutainment materials, activities such as road shows, website, teaching materials and school newsletters.

During 2004-2008, Healthy Thai Kids teaching materials were provided to more than 10,000 schools nationwide together with over 200 road shows to schools. We believe that early nutrition education provided to children can influence their good eating habits and, consequently, bringing good health throughout their lives.

The programme content is provided by Nestlé nutritionists and validated by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education. The teaching material provides information about nutrition, health and wellness, using the concept of "Balance diet and lifestyle".

The Healthy Thai Kids programme also features teacher seminars nationwide as well as a “teaching material competition” aimed at improving teaching techniques and materials for teachers. The competition has been promoted to teachers and students through a letter and posters to schools, the Nestlé website and teacher seminars. The award winners will be shared in Nestlé website and used for developing the new set of teaching materials.
The Healthy Thai Kids programme
During 2009-2010, School activities have been renovated into 4 concept 1.Eating variety of food 2.Eat a moderation and suitable portion (sugar, oil and sodium). 3. Understand Nutrition Table and 4.Burn out all your intake (more physical activities). The activity has covered 70 schools. Besides, we encourage teachers and students to integrate all knowledge and implement health program in their school regarding the campaign “Can do school for healthy Thai kids”. Continuingly, 2,000 sets of teaching material are provided to schools in this year.


This initiative has been successfully recognised by schools, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education for its active engagement and positive impact on the community. We believe that the programme has led to the improvement of the health environment and sanity in schools as well as it serving to promote the healthy dietary behaviours and healthy lifestyle among children and teachers in schools.

HEALTHY THAI KIDS is part of the GLOBAL NESTLE HEALTHY KIDS PROGRAMME, whose objective is to improve the nutrition, health, and wellness of school age children around the world, through better eating, greater physical activity, and other key health measures such as hygiene.