Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value is a fundamental part of Nestlé's way of doing business that focuses on specific areas of the Company's core business activities – namely water, nutrition, and rural development – where value can best be created both for society and shareholders.
เนสท์เล่ สนับสนุนรางวัล CSV Prize ด้วยจำนวนเงินสูงสุดถึง 500,000 สวิสฟรังก์

2012 Prize in CSV

The Prize offers advice and financial support of up to CHF 500,000 to individuals, NGO or small business to reward an outstanding innovation or project in the area of water, nutrition or rural development.


We invest in continuous development and improvement in the nutrition profile of products in all categories and in the strengthening of our recipe database management for finer nutrition analysis and tracking. We continue to reduce the salt, sugar, trans fatty acid, saturated fat and artificial colourings they contain, adding more nutritious ingredients and beneficial micronutrients.


We invested over CHF 175 million in environmental sustainability programmes and initiatives during 2010. We continue to identify and implement projects to reduce our use of water, non-renewable energy and other natural resources, to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), to eliminate waste and to improve the environmental performance of our packaging.

Rural Development

We supported direct suppliers through technical assistance and knowledge transfer, and provided microfinance loans totaling USD 45 million, and ensured they operate responsibly and sustainably through the Nestlé Supplier Code.

CSV Additional Activities

To create value to society, in addition to create value for people in value chain of the countries where we are present. Nestle is also run and support several programs in collaboration with local NGOs to support local communities in rural area to develop themselves with sustainable practices, or in the area that support underprivileged children. We have been working with some NGO partners for more than 20 years.