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Friskies Party Mix

Friskies Party Mix

Unlock a tasty magical world for your cat with Friskies treats. Try our variety of cat treats to help stimulate your cat’s senses throughout the day.

Pleasing your cat with super yummy treat that you cats will love. Party mix comes with 5 extraordinary flavors. Each of the bag has three irresitible flavors.

Let you cats pick the below for their upmost enjoyment

1. Friskies Party Mix Classic Flavors with Tuna, Chicken and Bonito
2. Friskies Party Mix Mixed Grill Flavors with Chicken, Beef and Salmon
3. Friskies Party Mix Beachside Flavors with Tuna, Salmon and Snapper
4. Friskies Party Mix Picnic Flavors with Chicken, Turkey and Cheese
5. Friskies Party Mix Cheeze Craze Flavors with Cheddar, Gouda and Edam Cheese

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