Nestlé Carnation 1 Plus, Nestlé Carnation 3 Plus


Nestlé CARNATION milk powder offers the right nutrition that suits each stage of children. Nestlé Carnation 1 Plus (suit for 1 year old children and upper) contains natural fiber, and apple and spinach. Nestlé Carnation 3 Plus contains mixed berries, natural fiber, and lutein that helps in development of pre-school kids. Moreover, Nestlé CARNATION also contains other nutrition that suits for growing up children such as omega (3, 6, and 9), calcium and phosphorus, and many other kinds of vitamins and minerals.

Under Nestlé quality together with its affordable price, Nestlé CARNATION is one of the most popular brands of milk powder among Thai mothers.

Nutrition Facts (905KB PDF)

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