Our 60/40+ approach to develop the tastiest and healthiest products

Nestlé strongly believes that healthy diets must be enjoyable to be sustained, but combining superior taste and superior nutrition in the same product can be challenging. By continuously investing in better consumer understanding, as well as product innovation and renovation, we can enhance both the taste and nutritional value of our products .

This proprietary programme has two objectives:

  • “6040” the consumer preference test to ensure that at least 60% of consumers prefer Nestle product over competitor
  • “+” an additional nutritional “plus” where relevant, based on criteria recommended by world-renowned nutrition and health authorities, the product’s role in the diet, consumers’ needs and local public health priorities

These two dimensions are managed together, not as either/or options. The assessments are conducted locally to ensure that wherever Nestlé operates, it is the nutritional needs and taste preferences of the local consumer that dictate the formulation of our products.

We have continued driving our 60/40+ programme in 2012, focusing even more on increasing portfolio coverage and confirming the consumer preference for our products, while ensuring these products bring superior nutrition where relevant. Also, we implemented a reporting approach that better reflects the dynamic nature of our programme.