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What does the Eco freezer logo signify?


What does the Eco freezer logo signify?

The Eco freezer logo indicates that the freezer used to store our ice creams uses natural refrigerants to keep them at the right temperature, and uses half as much energy as models from 10 years ago.


What exactly has Nestlé done to support the development of efficient freezers using natural refrigerants?

We have invested more than CHF 10 million in changing the freezers that we use to store our frozen products, to avoid causing damage to the ozone layer. We have achieved this by purchasing freezers that use only natural refrigerants, rather than the fluor containing coolants that were commonplace in freezers throughout much of the 20th century.

Natural coolants include carbon dioxide, ammonia, water and air as well as hydrocarbons - like propane and iso-butane. These do not harm the ozone layer and have no or a negligible impact on climate change. As well as avoiding damage to the ozone layer, our freezers now have a lower overall carbon footprint.


Has this change had any impact on food safety?

No, our freezers still maintain our products at the right temperature to ensure food safety.


Has this made your freezers more or less efficient in terms of the energy they use?

The change has supported our efforts to reduce energy consumption. Our freezers now use about half the energy as models from 10 years ago, and therefore are also better for the environment.


Are these freezers used throughout your global operations?

Yes, we have a global commitment to purchase only new chest, upright and island ice cream freezers with natural refrigerants. This applies to every one of the chest, upright and island freezers that we purchase worldwide, where legally feasible.

Our commitment on freezers forms part of our efforts to support the development and use of safe and efficient natural refrigerant solutions for commercial applications and progressively phase out the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) in all of our operations globally.